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Bali Travelling Tips

  1. Don't forget your credit cards and make sure that your credit cards are issued by major international banking institutions
  2. For more common currencies, please bring American dollars and Indonesian Rupiah.
  3. Learn and dare to bargain, you will find the skill very helpful as it would save your money in Bali . You wouldn't like it if you found out that you had overpaid some items you've bought.
  4. Respect Balinese customs, rituals and sensibilities. Please follow the local rules and prohibitions
  5. Make sure that you bring your sun-block, don't let the heat burns your skin
  6. Make sure you pick the right taxi, if you want to travel. Specyfy the taxi driver that you want the meter to run properly, get out from the taxi right away if the driver says the meter is broken. There is the a risk you being charged with an excessive fare.
  7. Visitors got lost easily in Bali, so make sure that you bring a complete and comprehensive map of Bali . You may ask the local for directions, the Balinese are well-known for their hospitality.
  8. Bring a suffesient supply of prescription drugs.Yoiu may also purchase your medicine at local stores with “apotek/apotik” signs. Bring any important items related to your medical history and your physician's contact information.
  9. Keep small change with you, you'll never know how it will come in handy.
  10. Dress casually, but please remember to dress properly when you visit religious places. Also remember to choose the right shoes that willcomfort you while you're traveling.

Please read carefully as there have been changes to Indonesia visa policy. This affects all arrivals to Indonesia after February 1, 2004, are subject to new visa regulations

Countries that do not require a Visa to enter Bali.
Brunei Darussalam
Hongkong Special Administrative Region,
Macao Special Administrative Region,

Countries that require and are eligible for Visa-On Arrivals - cost for these visas are US$10 for a stay of up to 3 days, US$25 for a stay of up to 30 days.
Arab Emirates
New Zealand
South Africa
South Korea
United Kingdom
United States America

It is important to also note the following:

  • The Visa on Arrival is non-extendable and cannot be converted into a different visa.
  • The Visa purchasing system will take approximately 3-5 minutes per applicant.
  • There are 6 payment counters, a bank and a money changer set up to process payments
  • Once you have paid for and received your visa you will need to proceed to Immigration where your visa will be processed

Citizens of countries not on the visa on arrival or visa free lists will be required to apply for a visa before entering Indonesia.

Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into Indonesia, and you must have proof of onward passage (either return or through tickets). If you cannot fulfill both of these requirements, you may not be allowed to enter the country

Currency :
The Rupiah. Notes 100, 500, 1,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000, 100,000. Coins 25, 50, 100, 500, 1000.

Bali Time :
Bali Time Zone is GMT + 8 hours.

Electricity :
Most hotels use 220 volts, 50 cycles and a round, two-pronged slim plug. Bathroom shaver plugs usually have a transformer switch. We suggest taking an adaptor for your appliance.

Getting Around :
You will find a range of chauffeur driven limousines, self-drive cars, taxis and hotel courtesy cars. Many taxis are not metered so it's wise to negotiate the fare before you climb aboard. Bemos are a unique form of transport. They are a mini-van masquerading as a communal bus. You simply hail the driver and negotiate the fare that suits you both. Motorcycles can also be hired in many places but special care should be exercised at all times as road and traffic conditions can be somewhat hazardous in certain locations. Traveling around Bali is made all the easier because everywhere you go you'll find friendly people only too happy to give you advice and directions on how to get where you want to go.

Driving License :
If you wish to hire a car you must be over 18 years of age and posses an International Driver's License or license from ASEAN countries.

Clothing :
Light, airy, casual clothes are the most practical and you'll find natural fibers like cotton or linen are the most comfortable in Bali's often humid conditions. Waist sashes should be worn when visiting temples.

Driving :
In Bali always expects the unexpected; always keep your eyes open and your mind on driving. Beware of motorbikes! It is best to rent a car with a full insurance as this will save time and money if you are involved in an accident.

Donation :
When attending Special Ceremonies or Anniversary Celebrations as a guest or onlooker, small donations are gratefully received. Your donations will help in paying for the offerings and upkeep of the temple. Thank you for respecting these suggestions.


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